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Solutions for Ag Input Companies

Fight Crop Pathogens and Pests in Record Time

We Understand Your Challenges 

  • Accelerated spread of plant pests and pathogens due to climate change and transportation through global supply chains

  • Evolving resistance eliminating the effectiveness of past solutions. 

  • Long development time for traditional chemical and breeding-based treatments.

  • Consumer preference for natural treatments

We’ll Help You Hold Your Acre

When your customers crops’ are threatened by a new pathogen, the race is on. If your competitors offer a treatment first, they’ll own your acre. You need a solution fast… one that can pass regulatory requirements to get to market on time.

Checking the Crops

Partnering Process

Partnering with us is easy.  You provide the pathogen or disease targets and SUHO will develop or co-develop the anti-pathogen screening assays, perform the screens using our system, validate the findings, and return high-quality leads to you for field testing. Other workflows will also be supported.  You tell us your needs and we will deliver solutions.

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