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Putting Nature to Work for Agriculture

Innovation at the Intersection of
Microbiology and Microfluidics

Solutions in the Soil… with Science

It’s a popular idea that nature, specially microorganisms, holds the cures to our most devastating diseases. But uncovering those cures requires an efficient scientific process. A cubic inch of soil may contain billions of extremely diverse microbes, but only one or two may have the ability to effectively combat a particular pathogen. The challenge lies in finding and testing these very few.


Our solution fuses microbiology and microfluidics technology to gather an unprecedented number and diversity of microbes, then tests each one against the pathogen in record time using our rapid and precise microfluidics platform – our “lab on a chip”. Unlike traditional methods that rely on chemical protection or crop breeding for disease resistance, or other microbial validation processes, our platform makes it possible to develop effective treatments at a pace that matches the speed of emerging pathogen and pest outbreaks.


Technology Foundation

SUHO holds the exclusive rights to technology originally developed at Texas A&M University

Our IP covers:

  • Diverse environmental microbes extracted from soil

  • Maximized survival of extracted microbes

  • Highly accurate droplet microfluidic system

  • Quality control systems in microfluidic operations

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